Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Heart and Stroke Foundation National AED Program

#AED's / #defibrillators are up for grabs for all types of fitness locations such as arenas, curling clubs, community centres & gyms. All you have to do is apply. Canadian First-Aid Training Ltd. have been involved with the Heart and Stroke Manitoba & Canada to place hundreds of donated AEDs in the past few years! It's worth a try!

Click on the following link and submit the application to the HSF directly!


How to apply for your community AED:
- To request a defibrillator for your facility, click here to complete and submit the application form
- For information on the National AED Program, read our Frequently Asked Questions
- Additional questions about the Foundation’s AED programs can be sent to: pad@hsf.ca
Our goal is for every Canadian to learn CPR and to know how to use an AED in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest ─ and to take action.

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